Monday, May 16, 2005

dear g,

i know i've been bitching about my life lately - and i know you know it cause you spent half the night listening to me whine about everything and anything. thank you for being the wonderful friend that you are, and for inviting me to join you and your friends in quezon.

studying at starbucks moratoi told you i was going to study. i thought i was going to study. i also told you i was going to work on a million and one things. i thought i was going to work on a million and one things too. if you checked out my car when i left the house last saturday you'd know that those were my intentions. however, even with the best of intentions one can only do so much. i tried lugging around that thick beast of a labor law reviewer inside my bag all weekend long - when i went to the mall, while i was chowing down food after the baptism, even while i was in the lap of luxury inside a lovely hotel room in shangri-la. all to no avail. there simply was too much fun to be had when you've got relatives with you and a lola who is only all too willing to spend on you now that you are two weeks away from resigning.

the new ayala museumand so, needless to day, i enjoyed my weekend. thank you for texting last night and asking how i was. let's see: i started with being a godmother in laguna, then drove to makati to check-in my lola, grand aunt and her husband in gilarmi, then moved over to shangri-la to enjoy my aunt's corner room. on sunday, i had this huge calorie fest at the shangri-la breakfast buffet, served as my aunt's driver and personal shopper, did a mini-parlor trip to get my eyebrows threaded, and spent the rest of the day enjoying home-cooked food with family i have not hung out with for more than five years. i had a blast (save for that guilty feeling you get when you don't study). and you know what, even if i didn't enjoy any of those things, with a view like this, how can you even begin to feel lonely?

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