Friday, January 14, 2005

so there we were, gary and i, complaining about the lack of interesting blogs to read.

it seems like people we love have either stopped writing or have begun writing less and less.

and it seems like there are less and less new people to like.

and so he SMSd me one day asking me to update my links since he claims to only read the blogs i put on my links. i replied ok, no problem.

except that there was a problem. with the exception of nikki,there's no one interesting. at least nothing that interested me enough to spend almost an entire day hogging the office pc, going through the archives, and just enjoying page after page of writing.

until today. until this. i know it's so showbiz, and i know it reeks of my inner (former) tabing ilog addiction. but hey, she IS a UP student now and hey, she writes better than some people i know. and yes, i do find her writing refreshing, interesting, and worth every single minute i spent on it.

and you never know when she'll be able to help me meet my forever idol, sharon cuneta. really.

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