Sunday, January 09, 2005

csi miami replay on the tv right now. funny how while i never enjoyed any episode of csi miami, i am loving every minute of this one, if only because it's the transition episode between csi miami and csi new york.

everything is different. the colors are bleak, almost black and white. the characters seem jaded, reminiscent of miranda. the city is still pretty though, the same new york one sees in sex and the city, although this one is grimmy and dirty, somehow heart-wrenching with all the dead bodies and dried blood.

a part of me feels guilty. csi always meant las vegas and the guys over at night duty, and the birth of csi miami did nothing to change that. on the other hand, new york has always been sex and the city and their pretty shoes. maybe, as hbo showed the last satc episode ever, the gods of television felt it was time to merge two of my great tv loves and bring me something new.

what the heck, i'm ready to fall in love again.

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