Thursday, January 20, 2005

aside from your dad, the only other person you'll be truly comfortable with seeing you at your worst would be your brother. he's the person who's probably seen you naked (when it didn't count yet), and the first person you've seen butt naked. he's there to taunt guys you want to be with and scare away guys you don't want to be with.

your brother would be the person who teaches you all about NBA, only to scoff at your great fascination with the LA Lakers and Shaq. he's the guy who teaches you all about wrestling moves, and proceeds to do a demonstration, on you, before your mom thoughtfully puts a stop to it. he's the guy who'd hesitate at first to ask for your fashion advice, but would drag you to every store in the mall in search of the perfect outfit for his graduation.

he's the guy your friends don't begin to like, no matter how hot he is, simply because they know every little thing about him already. he's the guy girls call in the middle of the night (oh how you hate those girls) to befriend.

he's the sweetie who'd drive 34 kilometers to your dorm because you were stupid enough to lock your keys inside the car. he's the person who'd call you after your first bad break up not to console you but to tell you, without mincing words, that you should have listened to him.

he's the one who'd tell you when your favorite outfit makes you fat and the one who'd recommend when it's time to see your manicurist cause your nails are pretty ghastly already.

he's the one who sneaks into your room on saturday nights to watch sex and the city with you. he's the one who lends you money when you're too broke to leave the house. he's the one who laughed at you when you first drove and proceeded to make you drive every single opportunity he can.

see that handsome cutie beside me on the hospital bed? that's my brother. (today he turns 27! happy birthday, kit!)

(this picture is lovingly posted for jason who asked for a picture two years ago when i wrote how amazing my brother was on his birthday in lieu of a gift.)

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