Monday, January 24, 2005

i'm my boyfriend's very private foundation

while the rest of the world was busy finding ways of sending their help over to the south asia tsunami victims, my boyfriend was busy finding ways of getting canned good over to me.

with cellphone bills the way they are, plus being a wee bit too excited buying laundry gadgets including a spray-on starch that works miracles, i suddenly found myself very broke way before a pay period. depressed with my financial state, i sent a message to pat telling him of my woeful state, lamenting that i was yet again unable to buy myself oreo cookies with mint and creme filling. being the amazing boyfriend he is, he immediately sent an sms promising to get me pasalubong next time they visit the grocery.

so there i was expecting a box of oreos to come my way when i went home friday. i was so excited that i even contemplated on buying milk on my way home. apparently my boyfriend had other ideas.

he arrived at my house last friday with several canned goods: a can of 50% less sodium spam, two big cans of purefoods corned beef, and a couple of cans of century tuna in a variety of flavors. so you'll never go hungry, sweetie, he said.

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