Sunday, June 15, 2003

too much of csi makes rosa a happy girl

went home early thursday morning and made a declaration last friday morning that my brother won't be seeing me the entire weekend as i would be working on thesis and will be studying for my classes in UP.

well, no such luck. axn's csi marathon lured me big time. i was confident that tax teacher would not take up until twelve to tell us how he'll torture us for the entire semester. i had it all planned: drive home straight from class, and during commercial break, make a mad dash to the corner store to buy food to see me through the six hour marathon.

it worked!

and again, the same thing happened today. was hooked to the television for six straight hours, just rushing out -- endangering myself in the process -- to pick up shoes i had repaired. imagine: took the car out, made a mad dash to mr quickie four kms away, went back, and parked car... all in ten minutes!

anyway, it's late again and i have read only twenty pages of the hundred-page coverage for evidence tom.

oh me oh my.

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