Saturday, June 07, 2003

cat fight! cat fight!

if you can call smashing a pitcher of beer against a person's head, plus hitting him with cue sticks, then major chair-throwing a cat fight, well i just witnessed one a while ago.

was happily playing billiards in pool shark. it was a busy night -- several kids (and i mean kids!) were out pretending they were adults, getting drunk, smoking a whole lot, and dancing to what could not be considered good music but passable, i suppose, for them. apparently, one bunch of guys were with --well, another guy, except that this guy was in a nice top and a really hot mini-skirt. guys on the next table kept saying bading, bakla, and i suppose all its other permutations. it was not long before there was major hitting and banging and throwing right in front of us.

everyone -- including me -- eventually ran out of the place.

of course, when it ended, everyone -- including me -- had a story to tell. the policeman who came over had the most kick-ass story, "kung dala ko lang armalite ko kanina, tinadtad ko sila nang bala." yeah yeah.

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