Friday, June 06, 2003

now i know why i want a digital camera

so so wanted to buy a digital camera last christmas, probably cause i had so much fun using the martian's 7650. but since i recently shelled out money for an original lancer glxi right side mirror (it was friday the 13th) and it was nice seeing money in my bank account, i decided to just stick to the nice nikon camera my mom left me.

five and a half months later, i finally had the christmas pictures developed. some were nice, some were so so so not worth the P7/picture price i paid. what would i give now to have that point, click, and ohmigodican'tbelieveilooklikeshitinthispicturesoiwilldeletethisasap features of digital cameras.

but no. will have to practice restraint for the next five or so years. yes. will practice restraint. no more unnecessary shopping. no more dinners out unless future love of my life is asking me out for a date. as i have proclaimed more than a million times -- monggo na lang ang kakaining ko pag lunch.

and maybe, just maybe, if i eat monggo, i will lose weight, then i will be voluptuous instead of chubby and i will finally not need to buy a digital camera cause i will look good no matter what.

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