Monday, June 09, 2003

7th semester

it's my seventh semester in law school and i don't know what to expect. oh, i'll know i'll be glad to see one teacher again, freaked by seeing another, totally at a loss as to why non-accountants will be forced to take not one but two courses on taxation (and be what, like that lawyer in the firm?), and excited at the prospect of using the notebooks and other school supplies my aunt brought home from the states.

imagine -- even with work and the neverending thesis -- i'm more than halfway through lawschool and the end is actually near. wow. never thought i'd get this far *bows to left, bows to right, bows straight ahead*

* * *

anyway, if you came here because you wanted to read about aubrey miles ...

yes, i love aubrey miles.
no, i am not a lesbian. i love my boys, thank you very much.
yes, i liked her even before she got really big.
yes, i have a vcd of prosti.
no, it's not pirated.
yes, i liked prosti.
yes, i also watched xerex.
no, i didn't like it. frankly, it sucked. the beach episode made me laugh though. the first episode had an ending that was ripped off from cruel intentions. the one with jon hall was a major disappointment.
yes, i am planning to watch sanib.

wait -- i said more about me than aubrey.

sorry. punta na lang kayo dito. amazing how a fifteen year old boy has channeled his raging hormones to something more productive.

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