Tuesday, June 10, 2003

a bad night for eating out

after the long drive from where i live to the dormitory, mars and i planned on finally getting that cajun chicken fingers we've both been craving for since 11 p.m. saturday evening. unfortunately, i left my towel at home which meant i had to drop by an aunt's house to borrow towels, which meant my grandma ordering pizza in honor of the fact that i was with mars that day, which meant no friday's dinner for me. phooey.

so yesterday, we planned on getting dinner after work for him and after law for me. i was excited as hell -- probably cause the last meal i had was a totally unsatisfying cafeteria corned beef at eleven. when we finally got there, well, friday's was packed so we decided to drive a little bit more and to take our pick between the places at the loop, dencio's, gerry's, or aresi. in the end, the thought of sisig and mango salad always wins out for me, so we decided that gerry's is it.

big mistake.

although i was really hungry, i don't really mind the long wait it takes for them to bring your sisig, as long as you can actually hear the sisig crackling due to the heat of the hot plate. no such thing last night. the sisig was warm -- i think they must have microwaved it to make it warm enough so that i won't complain. the mango salad came too late. the weirdest thing of all though was the baked tahong was swimming in this black semi-sweet sauce.


* * *

aresi was really dark last night. did it close down?

wow. places i used to go to with the ex are starting to close down one by one.

minalas siguro.

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