Monday, December 06, 2010

the weekend that was

after a bazillion fights, a million late nights, and thousands of meetings later, 4 december 2010 finally arrived. it was KAP10 finally.

31 centers, with a contingency of anywhere from 5 to 36 kids plus 2 to 4 coordinators each, 200++ volunteers, and almost a hundred guests. there was an opening program, arts and skills competitions, peryahan, sports, talentadong pinoy, and an afternoon cultural show. everyone arrived looking half asleep at 6 am, and everyone left looking just about dead at 6 pm. it was a wild and crazy day. but if i were to sum up the entire day in one word, it was FUN.

it so hard to put into words the chaos that led to the day itself, and the chaos that was the day itself. let me just say then that it's finally over, a lot of kids were made happy in a span of twelve hours, and finally, life can go on.

and for me, that means buying christmas presents, getting the house in order, finally contacting the plumber to get my bathroom and kitchen ready for the christmas party at home, getting my car fixed, attending a wedding where i'll do the first reading, be the program emcee, and be a bridesmaid for the nth time, and emceeing the office christmas party.

1 said hello!:

trisha said...

busy week or shall i say month huh? :) but you can breeze it... :)

have a nice week Rosa! :)

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