Wednesday, December 22, 2010

sheer randomness

since i am too sleepy to come up with a coherent post, and way too many things have happened since the last time i had the energy to write a post, here's to sheer randomness and to being updated about my life, twitter style:

♥ tubero came and said he'll charge me 2,800 for labor. do i have a choice? (posted 4 days ago)

☺uh-oh ... kuya ef and tita mayu said it's too expensive. but i've already said yes! bahala na si batman (posted 4 days ago)

♪ at ace hardware, buying stuff for the repairs. learned that nipple in plumbing terms is pronounced nip-le and not ni-pol. (posted 4 days ago)

♫ paid WAY TOO MUCH for repair stuff. ugh. (posted 4 days ago)

☼at the non-st. james bazaar at cuenca. too few nice stuff for gifts. (posted 4 days ago)

☻ooooh. nine west shoes for P800. guy said it doesn't fit his wife. it fits ME! sold!! (posted 4 days ago)

♦ where's the plumber????? (posted 3 days ago)

♣ okay. nagkakalokohan na ata kami. he said additional charge is for helper and the grinder, neither of which he brough. grrr. (posted 3 days ago)

♠ back at ace. had to return stuff and buy more stuff. magastos na to masyado. (posted 3 days ago)

§ ooooh. why didn't i go to wilcon sooner? this is sheer heaven!!! (posted 3 days ago)

☺okay, end of a long day with the plumber. i hate him!!! (posted 3 days ago)

☻i wake up and guess what -- bathroom's flooded!!! fudge. (posted 2 days ago)

♥ texted plumber. his only suggestion was turn off valve. ano baaaaah??? i need him to do his work right! (posted 2 days ago)

♦ enough about my plumbing woes -- must focus on christmas party stuff. performance level na i-tech. (posted 2 days ago)

♣ emcee time! (posted 2 days ago)

♠ nyak ... best in smile na lang ang nangyari sa akin. super fail being an emcee (posted 2 days ago)

♂ we won the grand prize!!! (posted 2 days ago)

♀hi-top ... arnott's mint stuff are on sale. 50% off!!! happiness (posted 23 hours ago)

♪ off to trinoma to return the oversized throw pillow covers (posted 17 hours ago)

☺oooh. more pillows! goodbye budget. (posted 15 hours ago)

☻shower curtain ... shower rods ... my bathroom will be soo pretty, once i replace plumber! (posted 14 hours ago)

oooohhh... cutlery! bought a set for the party. tee-hee. (posted 13 hours ago)

♥ okay, i've discovered source of the leak. turns out plumber didn't do his job properly. grrr. (posted 11 hours ago)

♦ finally texted plumber. told him he's kaput after the shoddy job he did. (posted 4 hours ago)

♣ gave new plumber directions to my house. keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be done by tomorrow afternoon! (posted 2 hours ago)

and there you have it. see, you don't even need a twitter account.

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