Thursday, December 30, 2010

on shopping at ace hardware, turning into a domestic diva, and receiving a step ladder for christmas

a year or so ago, i told my cousin that i'd stop sleeping at the top bunk when i turn 35.* apparently, she thought i would be cause i was afraid i'd break an ankle or something going up the steps, so she gamely offered to sleep on the top bunk so i could take her bed instead. i had to explain: it's not the going up that i'm afraid of, it's the fact that i still hang out there pretty much the same way i used to do when i was still in college.** i'm hoping that by the time i'm 35, i'd be married to some fabulous man (read: man, not boy) who, for obvious reasons, can't sleep on the top bunk with me. we'd probably take over the sleeper sofa in the basement or something like that.

yes, i dream a lot when i'm awake.

anyway, i'm thinking that notwithstanding my oh-so-persistently-single status, and my penchant for hanging around my aunt's place like a college student, i'm making great leaps and bounds by "taking charge" of my home and just "working it." hence, the numerous repairs around the house, the buying of appliances instead of shoes, and learning stuff like organic cleaning solutions, microfibre cloths, and how high a towel rack should be from the floor. it's fun, i must admit, and yet scary. after all, the persistent question on my mind right now is whether or not i am learning all of these things now cause i'll have to take care of these things, by myself (read: no spouse) from now till forever? oh no.

so yesterday, tita mayu and i hied off to ace hardware to buy her christmas gift for me. i love it how she's so generous that she gamely agreed to cross off one item from my christmas wish list. now, i'm the proud owner of a step ladder -- here's to being able to easily change lightbulbs, clean the chandelier, and remove the curtains for washing! in the process of going around, i also bought this, this, and this. so they weren't exactly in my budget, but i thought, hey my lola gave me christmas money, and wouldn't it be soooo smart of me (yes, i love patting myself on the back too) if i just bought something that would be useful, rather than a new bag or a pair of shoes?***

the trip to ace hardware was soooo fun ... i'm actually tempted to spend more money, like on garden pavers (yes, garden pavers!!! like spike could accommodate them, right?) and laundry hampers (buti na lang, wala yung gusto kong kind) and brass house numbers. the array of faucets, as well as shower heads made me salivate, and i can't wait till i have enough money in the bank to actually renovate my bathroom and kitchen and actually replace the existing ones with uber gorgeous fixtures. *sigh*

anyway, today's the last working day of the year, and i'm not sure how efficient i was over the "working break".**** i have the car, though, and i've a mind to go to sm after work and buy some of the stuff that i want to get. or maybe go home to tita mayu's first and then go to work afterwards. i dunno. what i do know is that it's crazy fun to be living ten minutes away from work. sigh, i wish it were like this everyday.

happy new year, everyone. i hope to see you again tomorrow. mwah. mwah.

*i sleep on the top bunk in my cousin's room whenever i sleep over at tita mayu's house.
** i graduated from college in 1998. you do the math ☺
*** in the interest of full disclosure, maybe the reason why i didn't think of buying a new bag or a new pair of shoes was cause i just got a new bag from my uncle, not the mention i got to borrow a previously unborrow-able bag from tita celia, and i've splurged on way too many shoes in the past couple of months. yes, that would be the reason. hahaha.
**** officially, there hasn't been work since the 23rd. while i was able to go on leave on the 23rd (i previously worked on a holiday), i couldn't afford not to work from the 28th to the 30th, especially since they've deducted bazillions from my last pay for this year to cover taxes and what not. so i've been at work. and i've done some work. but not as much work as i would've wanted to do. sorry boss.

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