Wednesday, December 29, 2010

more, more

one of our favorite korean songs has a part that goes "more, more" and truly, after i thought that pipe repairs will be done and over with on the 23rd, here i am again, on the phone with my friend who owns a hardware store, ordering pipes and elbows and that t thing, pvc cement, teflon tape (side story: i had the old plumber make me a list of stuff i'll be needing and on the list he wrote tape long. kudos to the ace hardware guy who knew exactly what needed to be bought!) and ball valves. apparently, the gurgling sound i heard as i was doing my laundry the other day turned out to be a pipe that burst beneath the walls ... i'm half expecting my walls to cave in with the water pressure one of these days (i can't help but wonder where the water goes cause it ain't coming out of the faucet) so i'm just overjoyed over the fact that i got the plumber to agree to work for me on the 2nd of january.

another "more, more" moment is that the list of stuff i want for the house so that i can further personalize it. the more i read the websites i read, the more i can't help but want to do more stuff for the house. sometimes, i think i am awash with throw pillows already and yet i spy a new one and can't help but want to buy some more. i'm hoping that i can throw yet another garage sale on january 2, and i hope that more people buy stuff. i've gotten rid of about half of my giant pails already (memories of a past life with no water and just water delivery to rely on), as well as my old washing machine and spin drier. i forgot to get rid of the other stuff, like throw pillow covers that my other friends weren't too fond of, as well as the lamp i want to sell. there's this lamp that i soooo want to have from atc ... maybe with lola's cash gift i can buy the lamp already. then again, where will i put it? my house, for some reason, is sorely lacking in the electrical outlet department, making me terribly reliant on extension cords and octopuses. bad, i know.

home ownership, for lack of a better word, is a royal pain in the ass.

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