Thursday, November 18, 2010

moving forward

a long, long time ago, i dated this boy.

he was one of the most fabulous boys i dated. he was smart, and he helped me understand the theory of relativity, helped being the operative word. you see, i never did, and still don't, get it.

this fabulous boy attempted to teach me how to drive, so he wouldn't bring me home to bf all the way from pasig where we both worked. and this fabulous boy introduced me to an entire world i wasn't aware of, including philosophers and neil gaiman.

they boy and i eventually parted ways, but unbeknownst to him, he left his tiny collection of neil gaiman graphic novels with me. i guess that's my bit of good luck. i may have lost the fabulous boy, but i did keep the best part of him (hahaha.)

out of the many wonderful characters neil gaiman created was death. and in death: the high cost of living, in the first couple of pages, i found my favorite neil gaiman quote:

(okay, it took me forever to google the quote ... and i can't find it. yes, i don't have my favorite neil gaiman quote memorized)

needless to say, the entire point of this blog is to announce to my five readers that neil gaiman is finally married and the pictures are here.


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