Saturday, November 27, 2010

if it could go wrong, it will

and today, it did.

So there i was wearing my favorite dress and favorite cardigan and my spanking brand new four inch heels and carrying my favorite bag, all ready to head off to tektite for my lecture when my car refused to start.

It was dead. As dead as it could be.

So i said, fine, i'll commute. But since i was already late, i figured , how hard could commuting in four inch heels be?

Apprently, very hard. Especially when the trike is "lowered". And when you have to ride the back of the fx. And when you have to run after a bus that won't exactly stop.

Then imagine the bus cathching fire. Yes, fire. As in the one with flames. And then teaching 8 hours straight.

And call me shallow and show-off-y but the reason behind all the effort was the fact that i was in crush with one of my students. And i wanted to be cute for him. And he was absent. How crazy is that.

And then imagine doing it all over again to get to mall of asia. So thank goodness that i've a ride home. And thank goodness i bought slippers already. Cause seriously, one mpre step and i'd die. Die in my favorite outdit, carrying my facorite bag, wearing my spanking new four inch heels.

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