Monday, November 08, 2010

missing chio

dearest chio,

it's been six years, six months, and five days since you said goodbye to us, and i sometimes still find myself wishing you were just a text message away so that i can tell you about the million and one things that i'm going through right now.

remember when you told me that you've made reservations at q.c. sports for your wedding reception? well, i'll finally get to go there for my office's christmas party. they're telling me that i've got to perform in front of a huge crowd since i'm one of the new employees, and new employees always perform, but i don't think they know the extent of my tone deafness. you see, this year's theme is glee, and while i adore the show and wish i could belt it out like the best of them, i sing like i'm reciting a poem, and that isn't exactly the best way to make a good impression on my bosses.

oh, you'd be happy to note that tita hazel and i found each other on facebook. it's truly a small world -- the guy my friend married is from taal and she saw some of the pics they took during my friend's baby shower so she sent a note on fb, hoping it was me, and boom -- we're back in each other's lives, well, at least fb lives. she told me that my friend's father-in-law is buried near where you are, so hopefully, one day i can visit you there. i haven't seen your new "home" yet, but i'm planning on coming over soon. who knows, maybe i can take some time off and come on a tuesday. tuesday has always been our special day.

guess what -- gin blossoms will be having a concert in manila soon. the tape you gave me was stolen by our made, but i have them on my ipod and i think of you every single time "as long as it matters" plays. i bet if you were still around this would be a big thing for both of us. maybe we'd even watch the concert at araneta. without you, though, i'm skipping it. it just wouldn't be the same.

they say your younger brother looks a lot like you, albeit taller and fairer. i can't imagine that -- after all, you've always been short (ok, fine, you're taller than i am) and dark. tita hazel said he's graduating from college soon, too. i never did get to ask you if you finished college. did you? now i can't help but contemplate on what would've been if tita lynn allowed you to go to PMA. would you have graduated? would you have enjoyed every single bit of it? would you have had the time of your life?

sigh, half a lifetime later and i still have a lot of questions. i do wish you didn't have to leave us so soon.

your best bud,


2 said hello!:

Secateur said...

I don't know your friend, and strangely anough, you've never mentioned him in any of our gazillions of conversations... But you know what, even much more strangely, this post struck me pretty hard. =( I guess it was because it was very well written, subtle but truly heartfelt. Big hug to you Roxy!

roxy said...

hey KE :)
yeah, i don't talk much about him, not after what happened. thanks for the compliment though. i'm willing to bet chio would have agreed with you (feeling ba?)

btw - did you note the spelling error? eep.

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