Monday, October 05, 2009

oh sun broadband wireless, you disappoint me so

long before the days of unlimited calls and text messages, i already had a sun cellular line. it was sometime in 2003, and we were at this bazaar and they had a good deal on a sun line. at that time, i was racking up major minutes on my globe bill and thought, my not give this new service a try. and so i did, and since my plan is the ancient plan 250 with 250 worth of text messages and 250 worth of calls a month, i've pretty much stuck with it over the past six years, bad signal, congested networks, and poor loyalty rewards system notwithstanding. so, while i always had another phone (either globe or smart prepaid), my sun was something that has remained with me.

when i decided to cut my PLDT phone line and was choosing amongst the many wireless landline services, i readily opted for the sun wireless landline. i figured, while sun hasn't been stellar, it's been pretty steady. globe's signal hasn't improved in my room, but somehow, sun's signal has improved a bit and so i thought, why not. and, save for the major delay in activating my line, it's been pretty much reliable whenever i've used it.

so, when i finally jumped on the usb-as-internet trend, i didn't hesitate that much in shelling out P1895 for a sun wireless broadband. i thought that with the crappy comments about the globe tattoo service (it's the cheapest by the way) and the congested smart bro network (which has allegedly amazing service nationwide), i thought that the wonderful online comments about sun's wireless service + my relatively nice experience with suncell and suntel phones are enough reasons to get the sun wireless broadband, price notwithstanding.

24 hours of using it ... while i don't exactly want to say it has crappy service - after all i could YM without interruptions - the other stuff i basically use the net for - twitter and facebook - take forever to access. while i can very easily google things, it takes FOREVER to get from the search page to the actual page i want to view. and uploading? well, forget uploading. my computer just stalled.

sometimes, i disconnect and reconnect again to "refresh" my internet connection. but truly, once my 180 free minutes run out, how effective will that be? the first time i tried to connect tonight at around 8 pm, it took almost ten minutes just to open YM ... before it stalled and died.

so it's half past ten now. i've been online intermittently the past two hours and a half. with prepaid rates, that would've cost me 50 bucks already. and so far, i've posted a couple of twitter updates, said hi to a friend in singapore, hunted once mousehount, and written this post which, incidentally, might end up not being posted.

so where's the fabulous, fast, and fantastic sun service that i've read about online? i dunno. right now, i must say, i wasted P1895 and am wishing i just bought shoes instead.

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Anonymous said...

AMEN!! same thing happened here.. tired of calling their hot line for they'll jst give you the same old crap! i'm jst hoping that they'll give you a straight answer.. saying that their service really sucks. jst like their cellular srvc. so for you guys out there planning to have sun broadband, try to think again. ty!

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