Sunday, December 30, 2007

what can i say? i really want a wii brother's been craving for a wii for the longest time and keith's been telling me about it. since i'm more into simulation games like the sims and diner dash , i really didn't get what the fuss was all about.

it was so big that even tita celia bought a wii.

still, the disinterested me opted to sleep instead of involving myself as she showed my cousin the different wii games she had.

my cousins also got a wii for christmas, and i still was indifferent until they finally showed me how to play it.

and i got addicted.

i got so addicted i played till way past midnight.

and now my arms hurt.

and i want my own wii controller.

in fact, i wouldn't mind my own wii.

so addicted that while we were at the mall, all i could say, together with my cousins, was that "u-wii na po tayo."

rosa, the ten-year-old version.

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