Thursday, December 13, 2007

out of nowhere he calls me to tell me that he saw something on the news that made him think of me.

"have you heard?" he asked.

"about the performance bonus, yeah," i answered back.

"hindi yun," he retorts back.

i think i must have given five more stupid answers before he told me about the people who got stuck at EK's space shuttle.

apparently, it was the result of some technical error and as of 9:25 p.m., none of the people who got stuck had plans of filing charges against ek.

for posterity, i'm posting pictures of our trip to ek. during one of our conversations, we found out that we both loved rides and that we both like the space shuttle so when we trekked over there last november, it was the first ride we braved leaving him (and i must admit me too) a bit woozy ten minutes after entering the park.

we both agreed it must be the fact that we're both a little older now.

will this stop me from going to ek, or any theme park for that matter, anytime soon?

hell no.

in fact, truth to tell, i wouldn't have minded being one of those people stuck.

... and for the sake of excitement, i would have probably sued :) evil.

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