Sunday, December 02, 2007

i'd like to believe i had the most productive long weekend.

friday i spent helping out the two heads of our social action team in lingkod as they prepared for our christmas outreach project. i helped out in a way i was sure i'd enjoy - we shopped for the groceries we'd be giving the families then we packed them in grocery bags. we went out again to buy the christmas gifts for the kids then we went back to the house to wrap them up. i went home a little past eleven tired, but with a huge smile plastered onto my face.

i slept in saturday ... then went out in an attempt to kick start my christmas shopping. unfortunately i was only able to buy one gift for my godchild and a gift for a friend's wedding this coming saturday. the gift wrapping lines at rustan's was horribly long - so long that i actually had to go back today to pick up one present i had wrapped. after my mini-shopping spree, i went to bf resort to meet with the "christmas party people". i've been asked to be one of the planners for this year's party and we did all the technical set-up (we want our party to be pretty hi-tech!) and the planning. hopefully everything runs smoothly next saturday.

and today, well, today's supposed to be the mega-cleaning day. i asked two ladies to clean the house and i had hoped that by the time they left, the house would be sparkling clean. i had expected too much - the bathrooms have not been scrubbed and polished for so long (i can only clean minimally - it's not one of my skills!) that it took forever for them to remove the soap scums and whatever. they're coming back next week to clean up the other parts of the house.

of course even the most productive "version" of me would have to have some happy shopping time right? well, i braved the crowds at this year's cuenca bazaar and what can i say? i had fun. i went there friday afternoon (with the girls, so it took forever to navigate each and every row there. you know how it is!) and bought a couple of presents. today i went back again (this time with a male friend) and i was surprised at the speed we went through the entire bazaar. it was so cute how he'd point out, "hindi pa tayo dumadaan sa part na yon" and how he'd say "wait, i want to go back there to buy the mesh toiletry bag". finally - a male shopping partner? maybe.

well, my weekend was definitely fun. how was yours?

p.s. i had just realized i'd been spending way over budget for the gifts i've been buying! oh no. i better schedule that divisoria trip ASAP.

p.p.s. crazy boy - you better make good your promise to buy me a present :) i'm setting up the big tree (not the usual small ones) this year for the present you're getting me. hahaha.

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