Saturday, December 29, 2007

it's that time of the year

so it's almost the end of the year again. time to review what has happened. time to think long and hard on how the entire year has been spent.

and, time to make new year's resolutions.

of course, i'd be so out of the loop (and totally mean to myself IMHO) if i don't include the ubiquitous "lose weight". but after having included it in my resolution (not to mention to do lists) every single opportunity i get, i'm getting a bit tired of writing it down, making a mad dash to exercise the first couple of weeks of the year, and burning out by the time my birthday rolls around (in case you want to send a gift, this happens in march). next to losing weight, i'm also tired of promising that i'll be cleaning my room, organizing my closet, being less mean, and arriving at work early. while not entirely impossible, i've come to realize that maybe, just maybe, these things were not built into me. maybe before i can actually be a more organized person, i'd need an upgrade or something?

so, in order to feel better about myself, and so that i may be able to say i've actually accomplished my resolutions for this year, i'm thinking, maybe it's time that i write down more "achievable" stuff.

#1 - buy more shoes.
#2 - spend more time at the mall.
#3 - eat kfc regularly.

maybe i can also put in things that, if i don't do, i'd be terribly disappointed in myself and/or possibly ruin my future.

#4 - apply for a law firm.
#5 - go to ortigas to get IBP id.
#6 - update resume.
#7 - renew passport.
#8 - apply for a us visa.

hmmm... i'm really getting the hang of this. two more to round it up.

#9 - relax and not panic that i'm not married/coupled up with someone/dating someone for the moment.
#10 - spend more time with family.

that wasn't so hard. (especially number one, wouldn't you agree?)

happy new year everyone!

here's to a wonderful 2008 for all of us ... and the possibility of success in love, career, and family in the year of the rat.

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