Saturday, October 20, 2007

turns out i got intestinal/stomach flu the other day.

today's the first day that things are "normal", stomach-wise. i was finally able to venture out of the house (without fear, if you know what i mean). still, there must've been something about my general appearance which prompted my boss to comment, "you still look sick, rosa."

well, maybe it's cause there was something wrong with my right eye. at first i thought it was just a case of having some debris stuck on my contact lens. i kept trying to clean it until i finally gave up, resigned myself to an itchy right eye, and promised myself that i'd go home ASAP (no more passing by the robinson's three day sale for me) so that i could take off my contact lenses and rest my eye.

i did all that, except for some reason, my eye got redder. and the debris? well it still felt like it was there.

so, for the first time in years (except for the time when i had to be at the hospital for my brother), i ventured out of my house in glasses, the left part of which, if i may add, is held together by a piece of surgical tape. i got to lingkod, had my eye checked by my doctor friend there who immediately pronounced after lifting and pulling around my eye area (wrinkles!), yes, it's SORE EYES.

of course sore eyes easily means finally being able to wear with aplomb my new ginormous sunglasses. but since i cannot wear contacts while i'm nursing my bloodshot right eye, i'm stuck to wearing glasses. AND, since i'm off to ormoc via tacloban tomorrow afternoon, i'm going to have to find a way to go to the mall and get quickie glasses made so i don't have to meet the 349 other delegates of the ALNP-NLTC wearing my taped up glasses.

clearly, this week has been horrible, healthwise. hopefully, this one will be the end of it.

will try to post from ormoc.

see you in a week, everyone!

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