Sunday, October 28, 2007

hello, philippines, mabuhay!

i'm back. seven days without television, seven days sleeping with strangers who eventually became friends. i left my camera at home, ergo, the pictureless post. right now, i'm also too tired to write about the trip in detail. but lest i forget, here's a bullet-point version of my week:

- we named the huge bag "alfred" because, when i was contemplating on using it, i described it as the bag that would fit "alfred" inside. the bag became so popular cause it was pretty huge for a week-long trip. it was so popular that people actually had their pictures taken next to him.

- i am renewed, spirtually and everything-else-wise.

- it was a huge hassle avoiding ex-amazing boy. it was even more of a hassle - and it made me want to kill him - when he basically grilled me as we were disembarking the plane who would pick me up from the airport. uhm, hello, last time i checked, you very clearly said you weren't ready for a commitment. and, last time i heard, you were hitting on every single person in a skirt at the nltc. so please, cut the interrogation please?

- and, by the way, let me just say i was stupid for calling him amazing boy in the first place.

- i stayed in a room with four other amazing sisters. we're all planning on meeting up in cebu next year.

- huge crush on tambol boy. huge crush in the manner of me running to the mall in the rain, getting horribly wet in the process, in order to buy a pretty party dress which he, in the end, did not appreciate. he didn't even say hi the entire evening. bummer.

- and since tambol boy lives in an entirely different geographical region and since i totally believe in the seven kilometer radius rule, my crush on tambol boy ended when the plane took off at tacloban.

- i so love living in the province. hmmmm... makapag-pa-assign kaya sa court of appeals cebu?

- i finally bought the crocs ballet flats cause they looked so cute on one girl during the conference. as in i got off the plane, got on a friend's car, dragged friend all the way to atc, and we bought crocs - at least, we bought crocs after i fed him dinner; i'm still nice that way.

- crocs are a bit small i think. will return tomorrow to get a bigger size.

- i was on the same plane as albert martinez. he was hot. hot and a bit too short. i actually mustered up the energy to have my picture taken next to him.

goodnight, y'all. i've got a million one things to do to catch up on all the stuff i left here in manila. but, if you know me that much, you'd know the first thing i'll be doing - mall to return shoe. hahaha.

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