Saturday, October 13, 2007

since irma invited me to be one of the NLTC delegates, i've tried my damn best not to be too excited. after i booked and paid for my ticket and asked my aunt if i could borrow her biggest maleta, i tried putting the thought of finally flying to a domestic location at the back of my mind and forgot all about the NLTC.

i "ignored" it so much that i didn't file my leave until last wednesday.

i "ignored" it so much that now, i'm trying to squeeze so many things in my schedule this coming week. of course, to make matters worse, i've been loaded with this horrible annulment of judgment case (horrible to begin with, and even more horrible since the lawyer came up with all of these weird arguments all of which have to be addressed. sometimes, the more "stupid" the lawyer is, the more "complicated" the case becomes. i just hate it) and there's not a single labor case submitted for decision (see, i can do labor cases in my sleep). and, oh, don't forget that there's a wedding i have to attend on thursday, laundry to do tomorrow, and water to be delivered, hopefully by tomorrow.

let's not even get into the packing that i need to get done. i think i need to buy board shorts, havaianas, and my kikay stuff. and, let's not forget glasses - right now, the only pair i have has medical tape holding it together.

i'm excited, no doubt about that. but right now, my major concern is to get through this week before flying off next saturday.

wish me luck!

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