Wednesday, October 17, 2007

sick is a word i'm not familiar with. i'm the kid who would finish the year with perfect attendance, the kid who wasn't well-acquainted with the school nurse, and the employee who hardly misses a day of work. if i'm absent, it must be a huge deal.

yesterday evening, i met up with friends at starbucks madrigal. i had planned on getting something before meeting up with them but since i stayed at work and still had to pass by the house to get my gift for faith and the car, i arrived at starbucks very, very hungry. somehow, i managed to convince my friends to move to pancake house, pretty please, and accompany me while i had dinner.

i ordered MMC2 - a piece of pan chicken, spaghetti, garlic bread, a taco, and iced tea. i tried pacing myself by starting on the garlic bread, then onto the spaghetti. by the time i got to the chicken, my tummy felt weird, full but hungry at the same time. by the time i finished my meal, i was pouting. my stomach felt like it was full of gas but not food (which meant the dull "hunger throb" was still there) and my legs (for some unknown reason) felt "achy".

i left way ahead of the others (they went back to starbucks to meet up with other friends) thinking maybe i just need to make a trip to the bathroom (too much information, i know), but no deal. i tried sleeping early, hoping i'd burp throughout the night, and wake up feeling so much better. no such luck - i woke up at 2 am still with stomach issues and a fever.

horrible, horrible, horrible.

i woke up this morning still sick. sick, sick, sick. i messaged my boss and officemates informing them i'll be staying home. i had thought that maybe i could spend the morning in bed, wake up at around lunch time, and get started on the work i had brought home. i was hoping that my fever was just brought about by stress at work. unfortunately, here i am, the day almost over, and still feeling sick as ever. (but able to blog. apparently, blogging takes up very little energy.)

i'm hoping i'd be fine tomorrow. i'm tempted to stay at home because i'm afraid that if i do go to work, i'd get sick again and will be unable to go to ormoc next week. and we all know i can't miss ormoc, right?

wish me luck. my tummy has settled down but still has a dull empty feeling. my temperature isn't that high but my joints are in major pain. i don't have coughs and cold - weird huh - but i feel horrible all over. i don't know what's wrong with me. hopefully, it's just cause i ate bad barbecue the other day.

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