Wednesday, August 08, 2007

wonderful discoveries!

1. Mrs. Field's Peppermint Creme Sticks
If you're a peppermint and dark chocolate fanatic, this will make you happier than a pig in mud (not exactly a pretty sight, but effective visualization.) Each box contains around fifteen sticks, each stick a little fatter than a mongol pencil and a little shorter than your pinky (well, at least my pinky). Each bite is quite heavenly and with the really strong flavors, you wouldn't really need to consume a whole box to get your sugar fix. It's about 80 bucks per box, not bad considering that the product is really yummy.

2. advan wellingtons a.k.a. rainboots
Know the boots that your friendly neighborhood traffic policeman and mmda wear? well, i'm talking about those, except mine are red. all that rain has destroyed a couple of my favorite shoes due to water damage and i'm not taking it sitting down. faith gave me the idea to get rainboots since they now come out with lovely colors. now, i can splash around metro manila without having to harm my shoes or my feet. now if only advan will come out with a pucci print :) (280 bucks. not bad, huh?)

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