Sunday, August 05, 2007

i don't know how pathetic this is but recently, i seem to be channeling lindsay lohan more and more often.

it's not like i'm stick thin (far from it) or i've been crashing my car everywhere (insurance boy would die from the claims). it's not even cause i've been misplacing expensive bags. it's just that my purchases have to have a lindsay lohan feel to it.

case in point.

my officemates and i, magazine addicts that we are, spied a picture of lindsay lohan in raspberry-colored flats, shorts, and a white tunic top. the result? me purchasing red shoes and a white loose top.

sometimes, we don't even need a picture. gay, as she was on her way to cagayan de oro sent me a message basically to tell me that she has a semi-huge bag, a water bottle and wearing her own version of the lindsay lohan flats.

the result? me wanting to buy a semi-huge bag too to channel lindsay lohan when i go to ormoc this coming october. (incidentally i've bought a semi-huge bag the other day so i am on my way to lindsay lohan fabulousness).

it's funny how with all of her bad publicity, i still surf the net for lindsay lohan pictures. i like looking at her paparazzi shots and checking out what fabulous look she's got going that day. now, i know there's no way a thirty-year old like me can ever channel (and look respectable) a twenty-one year old wild child like lindsay, but at the end of the day, we all can dream, and right now, mine is to be a tame lindsay.

p.s. we were reading another magazine and realized that while people my age list down audrey hepburn, jackie o and the like as their fashion icons, i'm actully picking someone who ends up at the worst dressed list from time to time.

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