Friday, August 24, 2007

right now i'm so full of hate it can't even be called angst anymore.

unlike before where writing about it helped appease my anger, now i don't think that would suffice. let's just say that the last couple of days have taught me that: (1) the private sector can just be as horrible as the government meaning that there are a LOT of incompetent people walking out there (read: Dr. Carlos Alcala at LPDH - i say avoid him at all costs if and when you get hospitalized there and Mimi/Myrna from the HR Department of Convergys) and (2) apparently, working for UA&P has upped the ante for me in terms of what it means to "work".

anyway, if there's one good thing about the entire experience, i learned that if you don't have your philhealth number, you can call them (just have your SSS/GSIS number ready) and they can give it to you. wow. for once the government came through for me.

well, tonight i'm off to Edsa Shan for a couple of nights with my aunt. hopefully that'll mean detox for me -- the mean part of me wishes i didn't tell my brother because right now i am a bit infuriated with him for a LOT of things.

(finally, we're eating. bye.)

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