Tuesday, August 28, 2007

after the horrible time i had last week, i am proud to say that i am entering this week renewed, refreshed, and ... unfortunately, totally not wanting to go to work.

all sloth aside, my long weekend was nothing short of wonderful. friday and saturdays nights i spent at edsa shangri-la in the company of my aunt since she was in town attending a conference (me? i bummed and watched television the entire day, notwithstanding the fact that there were two malls within walking distance). i also finally met up with THE vanessa valdez (if you've watched a hit movie recently, you'll know who she is) to catch up on kwento and what-not.

after my aunt went back to cabanatuan last sunday, i hied off to my other aunt's house in quezon city supposedly to do my laundry (they have the most amazing automated washing machine). unfortunately, it rained the entire day yesterday totally preventing me from doing my laundry and forcing (yea right!) me to download game after game and play them until the computer begun showing signs of wear and tear. i also made it to the mall (finally!) where i got to buy the elusive watch (my "fake" watch era is finally over. unfortunately my "real" watches have all stopped.) i've been yearning for for the last couple of weeks. and after that, well, i played some more.

now it's 9am. i promised myself i'd make it to work early so that i'll have parking for myself (parking has become horrible recently). but sloth took over, and downloading is totally addicting.

but, lest you say that i am precisely the reason why justice is delayed, i'm moving my fat, lazy ass now and rushing off to work.

see you all soon!

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