Sunday, August 12, 2007

when you're unable to make it to a birthday celebration for whatever reason, good friends generally understand.

great friends, on the other hand, make sure you're able to "join" the celebration one way or the other.

they'd have good food delivered at your doorstep.

hawaiian pizza cause it just happens to be your favorite, especially if your favorite pizza flavor happens to have been one of the first things you discussed a long, long time ago when you first became friends.

pasta, after all it's a birthday party and noodles are a must (for long life, of course).

from me to you, a huge thank you very, very much. all that food made me a happy, happy girl.

happy birthday. and, in order to thank you for one of the sweetest gestures anyone has done for me, i'm keeping a promise i made a long, long time ago. ironically, the drawing's quite appropriate under the circumstances, don't you think?

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