Saturday, March 03, 2007

no amount of planning could have prepared me for the way my 30th birthday would turn out

i could post a whole lot of things about my amazing day. and, considering that my camera is now fully operational, i actually have pics to show for it.

but since i (1) have been awake for almost 24 hours now; (2) am quite drunk but not too drunk to write this post; and (3) will be spending the next couple of days still celebrating my birthday, i choose to write about one of the highlights of my day: a make-over with shu uemura's xeng zulueta.
yes, THE xeng zulueta. and you know what's really super about it? it was xeng's idea to do the make-over.
her hand was sooooo light and she made me feel soooo pretty afterwards. and she gave me a present (and we all know how i love presents, right? i am shallow that way). it didn't hurt that she was the prettiest thing on the planet (i was starstruck/dumbstruck the entire time i don't think i said anything that made sense) and the nicest celebrity (yes, she is a celebrity, IMHO) i have ever met (not that i meet a lot).
for now, i will gush. yes, gush with all those comments in parenthesis that don't really make sense. in a day or two, i'd probably be able to write more ... but don't blame me if i gush still.
xeng zulueta did my face. on my 30th birthday (and she said i don't look 30 ... yay!).
so what if my big party never pushed through and so what if i can't really celebrate until i find out if i passed the bar or not. so what if pldt boy never showed up and gsr boy disappointed big time? today, i met xeng, got a present from xeng, and had my make-up done by xeng. i couldn't have asked for a better present.

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