Tuesday, March 20, 2007

it's been a while.

i've had so much to share, including this "hate post" intended for some people who it appears have been going here to gather chismis about my brother, but now i've forgotten most of what i was supposed to write and so i'm stuck with a blank page with nothing.

yes, absolutely nothing.

of course i can write about how i've finally (yes, finally) given up on pldt boy and how gsr boy and i are better friends now. i can write about the nasty rumors circulating around the court, but why immortalize that, right? i can write about finally seeing bo sanchez in person (why am i not in major crush with him like the rest of the catholic renewal community?) and finally attending the much-talked-about feast.

but somehow, i just don't have it in me.

the gag order my brother has imposed may have affected my writing skills. i must sue those evil people who have misused the information they've gathered from my blog. moral damages.

but since it's lent, i forgive you all. let's just say i'm fasting on angst.

so, i'll just channel happy thoughts and share that i have finally:
1) gone to market!market!
2) watched 300 (i want one spartan. the keanu look-alike --think keanu in bill and ted and you'll know who i'm talking about -- will do)
3) eaten at cupcakes by sonja. i had peppermint patty because a) it's peppermint and b) it's pink. if krispy kreme is heaven, then let's say that this is purgatory. almost there, but not quite. i wasn't disappointed but as far as i'm concerned, it was just ok.

before i end, can i say that i tried - tried being the operative word - to post a picture to go with this post but blogger refuses to cooperate. dang. maybe next time.

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