Monday, March 12, 2007

things i learned from my weekend at galera:

* i love my brother. and surprisingly, i like his new gf. of course i don't want to tell him that. he has this thing of breaking up with a girl once he realizes we like the girl so i'm avoiding showing him how much i enjoyed spending time with his new girl. my brother just said i can't write about him or his girlfriends or his relationships EVER so this is me not writing about him. haha. it turns out some of his people read this blog (hi my brother's people!) and have told him how much i diss his girlfriends (hi flourshit! hi floucaril!) and he hates it (i am evil, i know) so this is the last you're ever going to read about him in this blog. (great big loss, sigh. as if.) evil rosa, signing off.

* there are people whose girth is more substantial than mine who would wear skimpy bathing suits. and so, my motto this weekend was "if they could do it, so could i." of course, i ended up being unable to walk up and down the strip wearing my bathing suit. at the end of the day, i'd just sit in my relatively isolated spot in the beach, read my book, and get some sun, then, once i have to move elsewhere, i'd put on my top to cover-up. so much for pride in how i look.

* avoid fernando's like crazy (their service is simply awful), try west havana restaurant (a bit pricey but the food is simply divine - but then again mababa ang standards ko, hahaha!) if only for their amazing service. anything owned by that fat chinese guy (the one who owns white beach hotel) is sure to give you amazing service.

* you must get a massage from the ladies if only to boost local economy. it's nothing to be happy with, but then again, i might have just gotten a bad deal.

* the best way to prevent the local people from making you kulit from snorkeling, riding the banana boat, or getting a massage is to tell them tapos na po!

* coco aroma is fun at night.

* if you don't want to look like a galera tourist: (1) don't get braids, (2) don't get a henna tattoo, and (3) don't wear galera clothes. or i'm just bitter cause i never got to do any of those.

* if you're not into people (like i am) and you want a better deal, you'd be better off at tamaraw beach resort than any of the places at white beach. for one, it's cheaper than any of the places at white beach and second, the rooms are waaaay prettier. of course, white beach is the happening place in galera but you can always cross from one side to the other if you don't mind braving the rocks. i know i'll be going there the next time i get a vacation.

*incidentally, galera is MORE expensive than i remember it to be. thank god money came last week, money which was wiped out by trip to galera. bummer.

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