Tuesday, March 27, 2007

first, a warning. the pic has nothing to do with the post.
except probably for the fact that the two girls i'm with in the pic are lawyers and i'll be talking complaining about how nervous i am about the bar results.
i'm so nervous i can't sleep. of course, i can still eat but then the point is to lose weight so i'm complaining about that too. i can't work because i can't sit still and i can't sit still cause i'm worried sick about failing the bar a second time.
v. v. worried about that second time flunking part. so worried i actually asked gay if any UP graduate has actually flunked the bar twice. clearly, even without admitting that i'm voting for kiko pangilinan cause i'm a sharon fan, i will be a disgrace to my alma mater if that happens.
i'd like to be all fatalistic and say, well, there's nothing i can do about it now, but really, i can worry, i can gripe, i can complain, i can pray, and i can hope like crazy that when that list comes out, my name will be there.
please let it be there. i am so ready to call anyone and do that globe commercial thing and say "ihanda na ang lechon, abogado na ako."
i mean, wouldn't that be way better than me saying, "uhm, di ulit ako pumasa."
*special mention to gary for pointing out a mistake which totally reveals how dumb i am when it comes to spelling.

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