Monday, April 02, 2007

'With bated breath, and whispring humblenesse.'

bar results due out this week, and, if rumors are to be believed, tomorrow night to be more specific.

a friend in particular has announced that he will hide where no one can find him nor contact him. me, i'm a sucker for torture, so, while i won't be at the supreme court gates waiting for the results (like last year), i'll be around and hopefully, i'll be ready to face the news.

hopefully, the news will be good so it wouldn't be hard to face.

so what do i do while waiting?

well, i've prayed more than i've prayed my entire life, although for some weird reason i've found myself praying for everything EXCEPT what i want the most, that is, to pass the bar. i'm not pretending to be selfless, cause god knows i'm not, but maybe i'm just scared of asking for the one thing i want more than anything right now. (anything, pldt boy included, mwahahah.)

from the accompanying picture, you'd also realize that i've been reduced to curling my hair, which i've only recently cajoled into straightness. totally contrary to who i am, yes. the curls, while fetching IMHO, aren't permanent. i've finally tried out pam's curling technique - perm rods - and they came out this way. unfortunately, my curls last for about an hour and then they begin to deflate and i end up with weird wavy hair that looks like i just forgot to comb it after taking a bath.

today, i stayed at work until the lights flickered, reminding me of this guy's comment that he saw a ghost in our office. at first i tried ignoring it and told myself, one more MR and fix the desk first, but then the lights started flickering more and more until i got really scared.

for the record, i ran out of the room.


anyway, it'll be midnight soon. i'm supposed to be either asleep, or at the very least, packing my stuff since i'll be with family starting tomorrow, but my brain has refused to operate since that light blinking incident (and as clearly evidenced by this useless post). however, i am not doing any of the above and i blame the results on that. my tummy is a mess, and my allergies are attacking full force. i won't be surprised if tomorrow, i am unable to put a coherent sentence together.

unless of course i actually find myself passing the bar and sending this wonderful text to everyone in my phone book. "abogado na ako."

keep your fingers crossed, people. but more importantly, keep praying.

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