Sunday, May 21, 2006

it's the middle of the night here and while i know i ought to make use of my inability to sleep to good use - like studying - i am not.

maybe it's cause (1) i lost a whole lot of money trading in my three month old phone for a phone that i realized i actually wanted two days after i bought aforementioned phone; (2) i realized that the phone that i salivated over, saved up for, and finally bought for what i thought was a good deal turned out to be defective in little ways which i just found out as i was trying to trade it in for a good price; (3) i finally got the phone i really wanted which turned out to be just a pretty shell for a basically feature-less phone but i love it nonetheless; and (4) i lost a whole lot of people's numbers.

what makes it worse is that i seem to have lost the numbers of people who are significant: my bestest friends, people i love online, people i work with, people from my community and my AG, and people i need. ironically, the sim card kept numbers of people who i haven't spoken to in ages (not to mention those i have no plans of speaking to ever again).

so if you're reading this and you're ara, pam, or christie, well i don't have your numbers anymore. please text me.

and if i happen to have called you pondscum once, i don't have your number either.

and crazyboy, your phone number has met the same fate too.

in fact, if you love me and you've got my name in your phone book, do spend that peso for me and send me a text message. most likely, i'd lost your number too.

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