Wednesday, May 24, 2006

i hate veevee with a passion.

because who else would be lucky enough to go through 27 (28? gaaah. i can't remember anymore!) years of her life without anyone flirting with her and then wake up one day, go to work, and then have my favorite pop/matinee idol flirt with her?

only veevee.

but then how can i hate veevee if veevee was nice enough to go with me to the ultimate mothership: SM MALL OF ASIA.

it was huge, so huge that even my internal mall radar was most of the time "lost" inside the mall. the maps inside the mall didn't help one bit either. you just walk and walk and walk and pray you don't get lost.

i loved it and notwithstanding all the "it's all gonna fall down" rumors, veevee and i watched x-men iii there (the movie was amazing!) and hopefully, one day, we'll find ourselves there and have the stamina (and the patience) to go through each and every store, try out each and every food stall, and finally, map out the place in our heads so we don't get lost anymore.

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