Friday, May 26, 2006

must. not. shop.

as if.

barely a week after i wrote in ink my resolutions for the rest of the year - topbilled by the proclamation that i will not shop anymore - i found myself trying on shoes at sari-sari and left the mall with two pairs of round-toe flats. i told myself that at P150/pair, it would be a sin not to buy.

but then with five days to go before salary day and with so little money in my wallet, i feel a twinge of regret having parted with my precious three hundred bucks. but then again, one look at the pretty pairs of shoes coupled with the knowledge that i paid a little more than what i would have paid for a meal at mcdonald's makes me feel all good and fuzzy inside.

and at the end of the day, i say, it's just money. money can be earned, money can't be brought to heaven, and money can be taken away. but that warm and fuzzy feeling one gets with a new pair of shoes, well, that's forever.

at least for me.

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