Saturday, May 20, 2006

it's over. i have officially turned into one of those friendster stalkers.

in my past life, i will admit to having googled my crushes. but i have never EVER used friendster to stalk anyone.

heck, i think i can count with the fingers of one hand the number of people i've invited to be my friends in friendster.

that being said, i will now admit that after eons of ignoring my friendster account i logged on today and, well, searched for my ultimate-i-am-so-in-major-crush-i-might-marry-him-in-a-heartbeat-if-he-asked crush on friendster.

and while his picture didn't really depict him in all of his HOTT glory (not that his hotness was one of my considerations when i fell in major like with him), i did learn that:

1. we're both pisces.
2. he's a year younger than me.

ok, that's not really enough to go on but, come on. he's only got four testimonials (not like mine is rocking with 11 in them, most of them from students who probably just wanted a good grade for that semester) and i didn't really learn anything from those.

and who cares.

when he did that shoulder tap thing lingkod members do when they greet each other when i came into the room this evening - doing it even though i was late and worship had already started - and chatting a bit with me during fellowship, i was just about ready to melt like, well, ice cream on a hot day.

corny, yes. aptly conveys how i felt, yes, yes, yes.


if this isn't pathetic high school crush, and totally inappropriate for my age, i don't know what is.

on a brighter (and more rational) note ...

there was a pair of shoes that i've been wanting for a year and i saw them on sale during lent - remember, that time when i gave up shoes for 40 days? anyway, we went to robinson's for lunch today with our boss and they still had the shoes on sale (that's god rewarding me for a sacrifice) and they had it in my size so guess who came home with it?


(wait. the more accurate version of the story would be who came home with three pairs of shoes bought within five minutes of each other? uhm, me.)

and here's something i realized over the weekend

who would have thought that buying matching luggage would make me feel like an adult?

forget the fact that i'm not going to bangkok with my family this july (my bad) and forget the fact that the farthest my luggage will be going in the near future would be quezon city. i am now the proud owner of my own set of luggage and i feel good about it.

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