Friday, October 08, 2010

the good, the bad, and the ugly

i know i haven't been writing here as much as i used to, but fret not, my dear readers (all five of you), here's an update of my glorious (yes, may ganung factor) week:

the good
♥ i've had idle minutes and i've had non-idle minutes at work, but everything's just fine and dandy, the way i like it. everyone's really kind and helpful. it's a bit unsettling to work with a whole bunch of other people, as opposed to 13 others in a small office, but i'm loving every minute of it.
♥ i finally have water -- happy, flowing water. more on that in a later post, but let's just say that this is life-changing.
♥ by leaving the house five minutes earlier, i get to QC with minimal harassment, and with 20 minutes to spare. happiness!
♥ yesterday, the kid i've been tutoring in tuloy for months just ran up to me and hugged me tight. it has never happened before, as i am an unforgiving and relentless in forcing the kids to study even if its supposed to be a "rest night" for them, but being "loved" by that kid made me realized that i am making a difference in these children's lives.

the bad
♥ After almost a month since I had problems with my RCBC card, the matter has yet to be resolved. I've made no less than five phone calls and four emails and i'm still getting the standard excuse: the depository bank of the grocery where my account was improperly debited still has to reply. it's crazy i tell you, and more than that, terribly disappointing. i hate you RCBC, and your customer service, for lack of a better word, sucks.
♥ all my life, i was blessed with a job that never required me to log in my time in and time out. wait, i think i was required at my first job, except that the guard did that for us, and it wasn't fancy shmancy and all that so i don't really remember it. anyway, at the new office, we're all required to time in and time out using this biometric thing and guess what, on my first week at work, i neglected to time out already. the consequence? verbal warning. i am so not on my way to being employee of the year.

the ugly
♥ after a year and a half of sporting really dark hair -- i missed having black/dark brown hair after coloring it a rainbow of browns and reds -- i had the hair stylist strip my hair and color it chestnut brown (or tobacco brown, or something). while i love the color (subtle change, but less harsh on my ageing face), i think that stripping it + coloring it + the fact that it was previously rebonded = hair almost the consistency of hay. i've tried deep conditioning it and what not, but i guess unless i cut it all off (uhm, hello gilbert?), i'll have to grow it out until all the fried up hair is gone.

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