Thursday, October 28, 2010

monster in the making

my *not-so-new* officemates might have begun thinking i'm a monster. inasmuch as i want to disavow them of whatever notions that are presently developing in their heads, i don't think i can. because this afternoon, i swear, the monster that i've so patiently kept inside me reared its ugly head.

you see, i've been hating my hair for the longest time. something must've gone wrong in the rebonding session a year ago because after a month or so, my hair turned into this monstrous mess. so i just kept having it trimmed.

in january at azta.

in march at the place where i have my hair colored.

in june, at this salon in trinoma that i can't remember right now.

and i kept having it treated too.

knowing that only gilbert the stylist can find a long term solution for the doldrums i'm going through right now, i kept trying to find a way to bring myself to his salon in greenhills. but between switching jobs, catching up with family, and doing other stuff, i just couldn't find the time.

so i was supposed to get a cheap haircut from wow salon last monday. but i got hair reborn instead.

when my officemates said, hey let's go to abs-cbn after lunch (one of them had to go to the bank there), i said, okay, may parlor ba dun?

i could've gone to antonio's hairdressing which was on the way, but i was too cheap to shell out Php450 for a quickie haircut. so i said, sige sa reyes na lang.

how stupid of me. i've never had a good haircut there, whether it be reyes, or ricky reyes, or rchc (or something like that). but maybe i was desperate. or impatient. or everything else in between.

since i was just going to go for a trim (translation: please follow the current cut, just trim it an inch all around), i picked the cheapest stylist. still, with all the P34.99 salons around, a hundred bucks isn't that cheap.

i should've known better. i should've known from the way he pranced around the salon. i should've known from the smelly towel he draped around my shoulders. i should've known from the way he attempted to dry cut my hair. there were a bazillion signs telling me to just stand up and leave, but i ignored them all.

as i said, i was desperate. and impatient. and everything else in between.

so he cut my bangs straight across. then he cut around one two three inches from the right side. by the time he cut three inches on the left side, i flat out asked him to stop.

and i asked him to explain himself. cause for the life of me, i couldn't picture in my mind what he was attempting to do. at this point, i looked like someone who was so frustrated that she cut her hair with paper scissors in her desk, without a mirror, in the middle of the day.

so he tried explaining. he said he cut my bangs. and i was like, no those aren't bangs anymore, "hair ko na siya" (obviously i know bangs are hair too, but you know what i mean).

he said, i can fix it. so he cut some more.

he attempted to cut some more is more like it.

because by the time he was finished, i had "patilla" of hair on the sides. and long hair at the back.

i'm a freak. and i hate it.

i threw a hissy fit. and my officemates saw it.

they saw the monster inside. oh no.

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trisha said...

hay naku rosa! go to Pro Style by Egay Petines here at Phase 1, he cuts my hair and he can fix that hair of yours. We have the same "hair problem", forever buhaghag din so I run to him for hair relax. Don't keep changing hair stylist kase, go to a salon/stylist you trust. :)

roxy said...

thanks trisha!

sige i'll try to check him out. where exactly in phase 1 and how much is a cut with him?

i can't actually do more treatments (rebond/relax) since i color my hair to cover the white hair. super dead na yung hair ko, so i'm contemplating on cutting it shorter than usual so that i can give it new life.

trisha said...

its beside Heman Barber, in front of Star Finder (pagawaan ng eyeglasses). he charges 200 pero maganda ang cut nya. samahan kita if you want para ma give ka ng discount. hehe. but he is good as he cuts my hair and my mom's as well. he gave me a hair relax a year ago and will have it relaxed again.

sus, pareho lang tayo na may white hair and have a hotoil para di ma treat hair mo and if its brittle na, magpa-power dose ka. dont really go to cheap salons because you get what you pay. and when it comes to our hair, skin and health, wag ka magkuripot. :) basta igaganda mo at ikakabuti mo, spend.

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