Tuesday, October 19, 2010

between then and now

i know i haven't been writing much, and i'm so sorry about that. but maybe, just maybe, it's cause i've been having the time of my life.

yes, nerdy as it may seem, i am bouncing with joy over the fact that i think i have found my calling.

ironically, last night, we discussed financial stewardship in our AG and when i got home, i started breaking down my budget. and, in spite of how much difficulty i had figuring out where to get the money that i now have to fork over to the government by way of taxes (no tax shield anymore!!), i woke up not worrying about anything, and still excited to work.

i guess that's cause i'm happy now. as for the worrying, i'll be like that biblical verse about the birds and flowers trusting God for their provisions. this job is ♥ and i'm hoping that it won't be long before that ♥ is translated into moolah.

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