Thursday, August 27, 2009

obsess much?

with a stuffy nose that was most likely causing splitting headache, i spend the last half hour reading my old posts while waiting for ABB. and, while reading old posts makes you smile at memories of the past that was, it also made me cringe a lot on the fact that when i like someone, i apparently don't just like that someone, i obsess.

a lot.

i mean i guess i should be thankful that none of the objects of my obsession read my blog. otherwise, they'd catch me in a second. this girl, they'd most likely thing, is in the bag.


so now i have to find a way to be subtle, to not get overly carried away, or as alex puts it, to not overthink the situation.

for short: go back and read my copy of "he's just not that into you."
(disclaimer: i did NOT buy this book, it was given to me by a friend who felt bad about my overthinking after the pilot and i broke up. wait, that doesn't sound so good either.)

anyway, since i've this pledge to also lose weight, maybe i should channel my obsession to healthier tasks. like this:

want to text him? go do one hundred crunches.

want to stalk him on fb? half rice on lunch, and no more rice the entire day.

spent more than five minutes practicing signing his last name with your first name? no dilly bar for a month ... or a month and a half, depending on how many signatures you were able to come up with.

googled him? cut off all supply of twisted cheetos puffs.

this is SO going to be productive, i tell you.
(and i guess that also tells you how i obsess much. gah. loser - me.)

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