Thursday, August 27, 2009

you know you're sick when ...

... there's a horrible driver in front of you and you can't overtake her for the life of you.

add to that the fact you're already late and this scenario repeats itself over and over again in the course of a 21-km drive to work and you know, really know, that you're screwed.

hello people, it's me again, and unfortunately, this time around, i am as sick as a dying old man.

or maybe more.

anyway, i was out of the office tuesday, and sick yesterday, so when my temperature dropped back to normal, i thought, hey, i have to go back to work, with deadlines to beat and promotions to chase after.

my friend asked, are you good already, and i said, yes, cause my temperature is back at 37 and he said not to trust the thermometer and i said, what to trust, and he replied, how do you feel.

fine, i said. a bit down, but fine.

you're not well then, he argued.

i said, of course i am. but then again the fact that it took me forever to get to work, and clearly unable to drive the way i usually drive means that i am not fine, and i wish i were better, much better.

thank goodness for upcoming long weekend. while the entire universe, fine entire metro manila, might be planning trips to wherever their wanderlust would take them, the farthest i'm willing to go this weekend would be to the kitchen to get some food. the rest of the time, i'll be in bed, getting better, thank you very much.

and when i'm fine by tuesday, i'll be back on the road, driving the way i usually drive, traffic notwithstanding. =P

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