Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my tiny little online fantasy world.

i'm a girl. and as a girl, how many times have i said, oh, i wish i were:
a) thinner
b) taller
c) more daring
d) less boob-sy
e) all of the above
... to wear that look. let's not even go into "oh how i wish i could afford that" or "how i wish that were available here."

if some people get their fantasy lives from dungeons and dragons, i get mine from pretending i'm rachel zoe.

and since i can only watch her show so much, much less afford (and stock in my house) only so many back issues of glossy magazines, here's the next best thing for closet fashionistas such as myself: looklet

i warn you though, it's going to be VERY addicting.

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