Wednesday, August 19, 2009

sometimes all you need is a piece of reese's to get the job done

well, not really.

the reese's peanut butter cup pictured here was given to me by my fellow-firm-slave, ABB. yesterday, she shared her chocolate stash with me and brought me a piece of waffle dog for breakfast. the day before it was baked goodies (custaroons and tarts) from the weekend baker's fair she attended. the entire year i've been working for this firm, i've been the recipient of ABB's kindness several times over. i guess its one of the reasons why work, notwithstanding all of its challenges, is something that i look forward to each day.

of course i won't pretend that waking up each day is a struggle cause it really is. and i won't pretend i don't complain about work either, cause i do. a lot, actually. but i believe it's rare to find yourself not only working for someone you've admired in the past but working with someone who's on the same page as you. it's rare to find yourself challenged by someone who's in it not for the money but because it's something she lives and breathes. in so many ways, ABB is way better at this than i am, but somehow, her awesome-ness is something i aspire to have (and hopefully beat) someday, not something i resent. good officemates (and friends, i guess) have that effect on you.

a couple of weeks ago i wrote ABB a note asking her where my "funk" went. she answered, "where'd you lose it?" i couldn't figure it out then but she told me what she does to be on top of her game - family and friends.

and so tonight, supreme court pleading notwithstanding (it's done, just need a bit of tweaking here and there), i am off to have dinner with VV. maybe, just maybe, reese's + VV will make everything all right.

(and if not, the hell, there's a long weekend coming up and sometimes, that's all you really need, right?)

2 said hello!:

chan said...

hi!! its good to know ur back.. :D i've been following up all your updates since i start blogging.. nkakaaliw ka kc mgkwento nd mdyo na.sad nga ko nung tumigil ka ng pgbloblog, but now ur back..
welcome back, ms. shoewore.. :)

rosa said...

thanks so much for that nice comment =P medyo nga tumigil ako for a while -- but i'm back and i hope to be able to entertain you with my stories.

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