Tuesday, December 02, 2008

survey says ...

hello everyone :)

as the newest associate in the firm, i'm tasked to do the christmas party gimmick for the firm. one of the games i thought of was to do our version of "the family feud", hence this survey. i hope you can all answer the questions here :)

1) what's the most gasgas christmas gift?
2) inappropriate gift for christmas
3) gift that if you receive, you'll most definitely reuse
4) staple noche buena food
5) where you will be spending christmas
6) when do you set up your christmas tree? (month only)
7) food item you look forward most to during the holidays
8) reason why you'd rather NOT have christmas
9) first thing that comes to mind when the word "christmas" is mentioned
10) famous christmas song

since i'll need a hundred people surveyed, i'll appreciate it if you can pass this to your friends and send back their answers to me too :)

merry christmas!

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