Thursday, November 13, 2008

i'm waging an all out war with the ants in my room

okay, before anything, a disclaimer. yes, i eat in my room.

having said that, i must say that i've never had an ant attack of this nature in the past. these ants are vicious, i tell you.

it started out innocently enough. i was chatting with a friend on the phone when i spied an ant line (you know how they make those snaking lines?) on the wall and remarked, "oh look, i've got ants!"

so i whipped out my trusty baygon and sprayed them to oblivion. done, i told myself, and mentally patted my own back.

these ants, however, were spoiling for a fight. i innocently left a bag of popcorn on the floor one day and barely an hour later, the entire bag was crawling with ants. a couple of days later, i left a bag of cheetos twisted puffs (my favorite, in case you want to know), a bag that was folded and sealed, and what do you know - they were full of ants by the time i got back.

it would be ok enough if our fight ended with food. after all, food i can easily replace. except that they've invaded my bed too. i've changed sheets so many times, beat up my cushions and pillows, and done everything i can to remove the ants. oh, they'd hide alright. then, deep in the middle of the night, they'd crawl back, bite you, and leave you scratching yourself to death.

now, being the mantika sleeper that i am, once i go to deep sleep, i'm gone to the universe until my alarm kicks in. last night, though, an ant bit me on the eyelid and it was so painful that i woke up at 3 am just to wallow in pain. i was in so much pain i couldn't sleep (and ended up watching an episode of gossip girl in the process). i was in so much pain that even while i slept, i was dreaming about the painful eye. and i woke up this morning, still with a painful eye.

how i wish my stinging eye could be sufficient reason to cut work. unfortunately it isn't.

still, this means an all out war between me and the ants in my room. you can invade my food, you can invade my bed even. but there is no way i'll let you get away with invading my sleep.

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