Friday, November 21, 2008

hello, weekend, here i come

i don't think i've looked forward to a weekend as much as i'm looking forward to this weekend.

and it's not even because there's something to look forward to. as a matter of fact, no weddings, no parties, no dates, no nothing. no pending laundry, even.

a weekend clear and free. a weekend to bond with my bed. a weekend all to myself.

well, a couple of weeks ago, it was that. then came a friend's bridal shower. not bad, i told myself. it's a bridal shower which was for its theme "last night out as a single girl" so it's bound to be fun. so i penned it in my calendar.

then a couple of friends wanted to do a yard sale and since i have to get rid of a LOT of junk at home, i said yes so i'm fixing those things this weekend too.

then there's the center visits which we could only fit in this sunday.

then there's my boss telling me, euphemistically, to get some weekend reading done. translation: take home work because you've been here three months already and you're still not a pleading machine so you have to do other stuff this weekend so that your weekdays will be devoted to writing pleadings.

and so, before i knew it, my happy weekend, my weekend with nothing else to do, my supposedly sacred weekend, has become like any other weekend: filled to the brim, with work to boot.


but there's a silver lining on every cloud and you know what's on mine? a number, really:
(1) while there's the party, it's also a party with really good friends, and who doesn't want to party with really good friends, right?
(2) yard sale means getting rid of stuff that's cluttering up my home PLUS making money. again, not a bad proposition.
(3) and center visits will be with the thursday people which means its bound to be fun anyway.
(4) and work, well, work pays for the bills and eventually, will pay for the life i want to live so live with take home work now, have a happy future.

so, i'm good.

the weekend may not be exactly as i've envisioned it but all it takes is a change of perspective and we're all good, again

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